To better know us - Per meglio conoscerci… - Echoes (from overseas)

Where have the Siculianesi emigrated to? Wouldn't it really be interesting to know – no???? I propose we start by building a simple list (city, region and country), and then, add to it later. A Google map, with all the points reported, could be plotted, and made available on-line!! Wouldn't that be interesting???
I imagine there can be a hundred Siculianesi at any given location on the planet, or there may simply be only one Siculianese. It really does not matter, someone is there, and wouldn't it be wonderful to discover where those members of our community are? As time goes on, the presence of first generation Siculianesi is rapidly decreasing in overseas countries; and, later generations are thinning out. So, I propose we start with this simple list, and see worldwide where the Siculianesi now call home...

Who knows, you may not be the only Siculianese in your corner of the world...

Examples of locations where Siculianesi reside:
  • Toronto, ON, Canada;
  • Philadelphia, PA, USA;
  • Burnaby, BC, Canada;
  • Carlisle, MA, USA;
  • Sydney, NSW, Australia;
  • Auburn, NY, USA;
  • Pierrefonds, QC, Canada;
  • Fortaleza, Ceara, Brasil;
  • San Miguel, Stgo, Chile;
  • Loncin, Liège, Belgique;

Please add to the above “kick-start” list; just reply and write the city, region and country
b.t.w. – you can e-mail this link to Siculianesi that you know, they may also wish to contribute to the list


  1. it's a good idea . some paesani i know or their children are still in
    chicago, illinois, united states
    buffalo, new york, united states
    rochester, new york, united states
    cleveland, ohio, united states
    kokomo, indiana, united states
    naples and cape coral, florida, united states

  2. Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

  3. In Florida a few from Canada come here in winter. Add Brooklyn New York & Wildwood New Jersey to your list.

  4. Tongeren, Belgique - Montegnee, Belgique - Liege, Belgique


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